Intimate Farmhouse Wedding

We had the honor of capturing the wedding of Miles and Savannah this past weekend and it was one of the most intimate wedding days we’ve ever documented. The entire day was a sweet reminder of why we love wedding days so much! One of the things Miles and Savannah said prior to their wedding day was that they want the day to be about Jesus and for it to be a beautiful display of the gospel. We were so encouraged hearing the speeches as the best man (also the best friend of Miles for over 18 years!!) shared how one of the most unlikely of friendships blossomed into what it is today. The best man, with tears in his eyes, shared that he specifically prayed for his best friends bride and directed such sweet words of praise toward them both as Miles and Savannah gazed forward (also with tears in their eyes).

Miles and Sav’s wedding was a reminder of God’s sovereign and gracious hand over all of our lives. We were particularly struck by how intimate and familial the wedding was as it seemed like everyone there knew each other. Not once did it ever feel like a divided space of strangers, rather it was about 150 people who not only knew and loved Miles and Savannah, but also knew and loved each other like family. It was just a tender reminder of God’s kindness and sovereignty in not only ordering all of their steps and bringing them together, but also giving them such deep and flourishing friendships.

We met Miles and Savannah less than two months ago, they had a very short engagement, so short that their engagement photos were literally about 2 weeks before the actual wedding day. In the short amount of time we’ve gotten to know Miles and Sav we can say that it has truly been a blessing. If there is anything you should know about these two, it’s that they are the sweetest of friends who love each other and love the Lord.

Miles and Sav thank you both so much for allowing us to capture your love story. We hope to experience many more joys of knowing you both!

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