Matthew + Madison

We’ll keep it short & sweet, y’all–this engagement shoot may be one of our favorites to date! We know, we know, we say that about all of our couples, but this magazine-esque shoot was just perfect in every way.

What we were hoping to be a day boasting of spring weather, trees coming back to life, and flowers clothed with vibrant color ended up being cold and drizzly with no signs of spring in sight. Ironically… we’d take this overcast spring-eve day over what we thought the middle of March would look like when we scheduled this session back in November!! Not only did the dreary weather help with the overall vibe of this shoot, but we also unveiled our Engagement Session Style Guide for the first time, something we put together to prep our couples for the session, styling outfits, what to expect after the shoot, etc. Granted, Matthew and Madison are a stunning couple, so I guess we shouldn’t have expected anything less, but they absolutely NAILED their outfit choices and exceeded our expectations when we rolled out the style guide. Finally, Matthew and Madison as a couple and individuals are exceptionally vibrant, fun, and full of so much life and laughter! No amount of “prep work” or style guides could create the kind of life, love, and joy that these two put out during their session; it’s obvious that this is just who they are off camera. We are SO thankful for the genuine love these two share, because as you can tell, it makes for pretty photos (;

Matthew and Madison’s engagement session was just a humbling reminder of why we love what we do. There are only so many things that we can control as photographers, the weather during this session was one of those things that were totally out of our control, but it was a reminder that sometimes life isn’t always warm spring sun and blooming flowers. Often times you have to take what you’ve been handed and still choose joy.

We’re praising the Lord for life lessons like this; and so thankful for Matthew and Madison for entrusting us with such a tall and amazing task of photographing such an exciting time in their lives!

Enjoy, friends.

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