Stunning October Wedding

HEY Y’ALL! It’s been so long that we’re getting those “First Blog Post” feels! If you’re new here, welcome (we’re pumped that you’re here)! If you’ve been following for a while, welcome back! Whether you’re new around here or feelin’ like our #1 fan, we have a treat for you!

If you live in Kentucky you know that this past October has been abnormally spectacular. Usually the first couple weeks of October in the Bluegrass are just extra days of Summer followed by two days of it actually feeling like Fall and then back to Summer the last half of the month and then straight into an arctic-like winter haha! This year every single day in October was like an autumn dream straight from a Hollywood movie. We actually got to *consistently* experience weather in the mid 60’s with crisp fall breezes. Believe it or not, we actually got to go pumpkin picking in sweaters and flannels this year (I know, crazy)! Even offering to sit by a bonfire didn’t make you sound like a lunatic! Call us crazy but this may have been one of the best October’s we’ve had in Kentucky for at least a decade!

As you could expect, by the time we got to Ben + Kristina’s wedding day at the end of the month we were PUMPED for what the day would be like because we were fully expectant to experience all of the glories of autumn. When we say we experienced it, we EXPERIENCED it, y’all! From the weather to the colors, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day. At different moments from so many different wedding guests we just kept hearing people talk about how perfect the day was!

Not only was the day perfect, but so were Ben + Kristina. They really allowed us to slow down and take in the day–which is SO hard to do these days. We’ve learned in the wedding photography industry that it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing what’s popular or trendy, do what gets the most “likes” and “reactions”. Do what gets the most views and applauses. We know it’s easy to fall into the trap because WE’VE fallen into it more times than we can count. So when we say Ben + Kristina allowed us to just slow down we mean that we got to do what got us here in the first place; capturing a story. At Ben + Kristina’s wedding we got to capture a story, their story. A story that will be re-lived by those who were there and those who weren’t. Don’t get us wrong, we’re down for trends, likes, and Instagram reels, but to really just slow down for the sake of the couple and really love and celebrate them took us back to our roots and reminded us of why we first fell in love with this job. We needed this day and we’re so thankful to Ben + Kristina for choosing us to capture it.

To the Pender’s, it was sweet to witness the genuine love between you two. Ben you are so kind and gentle toward Kristina and listening to Kristina talk about how hard you work is truly an encouragement and a rarity for men your age (Ben works for UPS, so if you have anything shipped this holiday season, there’s a chance you have Ben to thank 😉). And Kristina, a smile that can light up a room, thank you for being such a laid back bride, for loving the details, and for being pure joy. We watched the way Ben lit up around you (and for you) during your engagement and your entire wedding day. It’s such a sweet testament to you as person! It was truly a pleasure being a part of your day and we can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

Vendors That Made Ben + Kristina’s Day Possible:

Venue: West Haven Barn

Planner: Bliss Events & Co

Dress: Stella York

Hair + Make-up: Kennedy Cook & Emily Marlow

DJ: Melly Mel

Videographer: Devin Higdon (DSH Media)

Photographer: Sean + Kat

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