Destination Long Island Wedding

Every summer we spend a couple of weeks in New York to just refresh, unwind on the beach, spend time with family, and of course, eat pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. It’s a time spent with warm sand between our toes, loving on folks we haven’t seen since the previous summer, and fattening ourselves up on some of the most delicious food ever!

About a month prior to the start of our vacation our sweet cousin Rebecca  reached out and asked if Kat and I would be willing to photograph her wedding, to which we immediately replied, “UMM ABSOLUTELY!” We were so thrilled. In that moment our eagerness for vacation went from “Oh my gosh, I can’t wait!” to “Oh my gosh, let’s just pack everything and leave today!

Spoiler alert: we didn’t pack our things that day to leave for New York, we left Louisville the day we planned and it was totally worth the wait because Nick and Rebeccas wedding day was so special. Our hearts were full from the moment Rebecca’s dad walked into the room and laid eyes on his only daughter in her wedding dress, all the way to the reception speeches where all of the fun memories from Nick and Rebeccas courting days were shared. It was so refreshing and encouraging to see Nick and Rebecca surrounded by so many friends and family that are in their corner loving them and spurring them on in their marriage. 

Nick and Rebecca, thank you so much for letting us be more than guests to your wedding. We hope you see all of the love and joy that we were so blessed to capture as you look back on your wedding day for years to come!

  1. Rebecca Biancamano says:

    We’ve looked at these photos at least 100 times since we received them back from you last August, and they just never get old. You two captured the day SO PERFECTLY, and we are so grateful! We love you guys more than our NY pizza!

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