Blackacre Engagement and Anniversary

Meet Eric and Lauren. They’re celebrating not one relationship milestone, but TWO! What was originally supposed to be a normal mini-session, turned into a celebration of their two year anniversary AND their engagement! It was totally unplanned on our part, but happened to work out that the Saturday Kat and I chose to offer mini-sessions just happened to be the day Eric and Lauren were celebrating two years of being together.

Eric and Lauren had met at a Louisville Bats baseball game, and as the saying goes, “it was all downhill from there.” Eric and Lauren fit together like two puzzle pieces and they make love look easy. They’re both selfless, full of passion, laughter, and energy. From Lauren’s bright and genuine smile to Eric’s warm and gentle words to his bride-to-be, it was evident that these two were made for each other.

Prior to this photoshoot we had known Lauren for a mighty long time, one could argue that she was a wee lil’ lass when we met, but I guess the same could be said of Kat and I! (Haha!) Kat and I met Lauren as seniors in high school while Lauren was just a freshman! The first thing I noticed about Lauren as I aided in her ballroom dance class (yes, you read that right, our high-school had a ballroom dance class lol) was her infectious energy, humor, and how amazingly friendly she was. Our relationship with Lauren wasn’t like Hollywood’s depiction of senior to freshmen high school relationships, the one where seniors are “too cool for school” (pun intended) and can’t be seen with freshmen. We genuinely saw her as a friend and someone we enjoyed saying hello to in the hallways.

Fast forward 7 and a half years later… (wow, we feel old!) Lauren is a college grad and getting married! The Lauren from that ballroom dance class is still the same, full of so much laughter and energy — so it didn’t come at a surprise that this Blackacre photoshoot would be so special. Eric and Lauren, we are so blessed to know you and call you friends. We cannot wait for your wedding day and for you to embark on the journey of marriage. We trust that you two are going to thrive together. Just from the hour we spent celebrating your two year anniversary and your engagement it was clear to us that you guys love each other deeply and romantically and we pray that it will always be so.  

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