Parklands of Floyds Fork Engagement Session

There are times when you meet someone either for the first time or for the first time in a long time and it just feels like you’ve known each other forever!

Thats how we felt with Tony and Sabrina.

As Tony and Sabrina hopped out of their shiny little sea-foam green Prius, we were immediately struck by their radiant smiles and warm hello’s. At that moment, all of the little pre-photoshoot jitters went away and it felt like we were just hanging with folks we’ve known our whole lives.

We had previously known Sabrina from highschool and even then she was so kind-hearted, sweet, and incredibly friendly. We were meeting Tony for the first time, and much like his soon-to-be bride, he was so kind, friendly, and excited to meet us.

Tony and Sabrina were introduced to each other by their best friends and before ever having a first date these two became the sweetest of friends. Their relationship blossomed and they quickly bonded over their late night conversations and the sweet time they spent together. We literally melted when we heard that Tony would schedule a haircut appointment with Sabrina every week just to spend 30 minutes of his day with her (swoooon)! Tony didn’t come empty handed for his haircut appointments either, he always surprised her with flowers or ice cream (double swoon)!

These amazing new friends of ours, without a doubt, have the sweetest relationship! They are truly lovers, the best of friends and genuinely enjoy each others company. It was truly a joy for us to to spend time getting to know them and this engagement session has made us so excited for their wedding day!

To Tony and Sabrina we are so so thankful for you. Thankful that you have trusted us to capture the love you two share for one another. Thankful for your joy, your passion, your transparency, and the unconditional kindness you two have shown toward us. The two of you are truly special and the romance you share is nothing short of contagious! The both of you have such fun and adventurous spirits and you guys perfectly showed us what it looks like to just enjoy one another (even if it means getting a little dirty)! We look forward to double-dating it up soon and getting to know you guys more!

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