Black Acre Farm Family + Maternity Session

We are so thrilled to share these family and maternity photos from Tyler and Jennifer’s session!

Tyler and Jennifer met in dental school here in Kentucky. For Jennifer, staying in Louisville wasn’t a part of the plan after finishing school, but Tyler was about to start a six year residency to become an oral surgeon. Jennifer married Tyler a year before finishing dental school and the two of them made their plans to settle and build their family here in Kentucky. Fast forward five years later, Tyler and Jennifer have the sweetest two year old boy and are expecting a baby girl super soon!

Tyler and Jennifer are an amazing example of how a change of plans can turn out to be an amazingly sweet blessing. For them, being in Louisville meant the start of their careers, but more importantly the start of their gorgeous family. Now that Tyler’s residency is over they are finally making plans to possibly depart from Louisville and make the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida their new home. Before making the move, they wanted to have photos taken that perfectly represented “Kentucky.” The Woodling’s wanted to be able to look at their family photos and remember all the beautiful things about the state where it all began for them. This gorgeous session did come with a couple challenges though as we endured the insane humidity and having to move quickly to beat the rain, but we are so thankful for Tyler and Jennifer for being so understanding and going with the flow!

The beginning of the Woodling family was the beginning of something beautiful and we are so thankful to have been a small piece in telling their story. To Tyler and Jennifer, your family is absolutely gorgeous (you’re probably tired of hearing that lol), and it was an absolute joy photographing you all. We trust that the Lord will continue to bless and keep you all as you make plans for the future and we look forward to seeing the sweet addition to your family!

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